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Global Traffic Monetizer

AdWork Media's Global Traffic Monetizer platform allows you to efficiently monetize your international traffic! Make money from your pop under, pop up, & exit traffic, RON & redirect traffic, parked domain traffic, interstitial traffic, mobile traffic, error page traffic, international traffic, & any other quality sources!

Our system automatically optimizes ads for your traffic based on the user's device, country, and other factors to improve the user experience and ensure high conversion rates. Integration is fast & easy!

Global Traffic Monetizer


Maximize your Earnings with Support for over 250 Countries!

Mobile Friendly100% Mobile Friendly

Monetize Parked DomainsMonetize Parked Domains

Easy SetupFast & Easy Integration

Global CoverageMonetize US & INTL Traffic

Optimized TargetingOptimized Targeting

Detailed Reports & StatsDetailed Reports & Stats


Global Traffic Monetizer Features

Intelligent Targeting
Intelligent Targeting

Our direct relationships with thousands of advertisers allows AdWork Media to offer the best payout and performance for your traffic. We intelligently target ads to your traffic and continuously optimize our ad inventory for the best results.

Easy Integration
Easy Integration & Support

Integration is simple! Directly link to a unique short tracking URL or place a JavaScript snippet on your site to launch our ads when a user performs a specific action! Our support team is available 7 days per week to assist you with the integration process.

Real-time Tracking
S2S Postback & API Tracking

Connect to our API feeds or postback tracking services to receive real-time conversion notices including conversion details such as the IP address, country, rate, etc. You can also pass tracking variables such as user IDs and placement sources.

Flexible Options
Versatile & Adaptable

Get creative with how you generate traffic! Our system can work with nearly any traffic source and can be applied to monetizing parked domains, monetizing exit traffic, monetizing redirect traffic, monetizing mobile traffic, & many other sources!

What Traffic Sources Work Best with the Global Traffic Monetizer Tool?

You can monetize your traffic from any compliant source! We've seen the best results monetizing traffic from the following sources:

  • Parked Domain Traffic
  • Exit Traffic
  • Pop Under & Pop Up Traffic
  • Interstitial Ad Traffic
  • RON and Affiliate Network Redirect Traffic
  • 404 Traffic
  • Error Page Traffic
  • Mobile Traffic
  • International Traffic
  • PPV & Paid Placements


Can I Monetize Parked Domains?

Yes! You can monetize parked domains by directly forwarding traffic from your parked domains to a unique tracking URL generated from our Global Monetizer Tool. Generate revenue from users participating in ads on the optimized landing pages we target to your traffic!


How Do I Get Started?

Please submit a Publisher application and we'll get your account processed within 1 business day. Once your account is approved you will have full access to our Publisher tools. If you need any help integrating your Global Traffic Monetizer after signing up please feel free to contact our support team and we will be happy to assist you.